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Regular teeth cleaning and six monthly oral examinations will maintain optimal oral health and prevent normal dental problems from becoming dental emergencies. 

  • Check-up: We will check for cavities and to see if there's any plaque or tartar on your teeth. We will also check your gums, tongue, throat, face and neck, looking for any signs of trouble or swelling as well as detecting any signs that might indicate oral cancer.
  • Scale & polish: We remove plaque or tartar build-up with an ultrasonic scaler to painlessly knock loose any larger pieces of tartar, and provide deep cleaning above and below the gum line. Once all the surfaces are smooth, we polish to remove stains from the teeth using a slow-speed handpiece.


Depending on your oral exam, dental history and any risk for developing cavities, you may need a dental x-ray. We perform x-rays in the clinic within minutes to inspect your jaw alignment, decay, abscesses, or cysts on the roots of your teeth.

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