The popularity of teeth whitening continues to grow – it is fast becoming one of the most frequent forms of cosmetic dentistry we practise here at Alpha Health Clinic. Having whiter teeth impacts your overall appearance, self-esteem and wellbeing more than you could ever imagine. Our teeth naturally discolour throughout life, due to factors including the food we eat, the drinks we consume and habits we may have (like smoking). Thankfully Alpha Health Clinic offers Sydney's best non-invasive tooth whitening treatment. Whether you prefer getting treatment in our clinic or doing it yourself from the comfort of home – we will have you smiling and laughing with confidence in no time. 

Our teeth whitening treatment offers a successful way to lighten the natural colour of your teeth without stripping teeth of any natural surfaces. Alpha Health Clinic specialises in both in-chair whitening and custom made take-home kits:

In chair whitening: Looking for immediate results? We perform this treatment in the dental chair while you wait.  

Take home whitening: Prefer to do it yourself? Alpha Health Clinic creates soft clear trays that are moulded to your mouth. All you have to do is simply fill your custom-fitted tray with our whitening solution and wear it for one hour, every day. You'll achieve maximum results in one to two weeks.

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